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Rail Transit

Fuca has provided solutions for 16 cities, more than 60 subway lines and more than 700 subway stations in China. The project of super efficient energy saving system in Guangzhou metro of Fujia has been appraised by the authoritative expert group organized by China Refrigeration and air conditioning industry association, "the technology of this project is advanced, the research results have reached the international advanced level, and the comprehensive energy efficiency ratio of the refrigeration room has reached above 6.0, which is the first in China and has reached the international advanced level." 

The project has also been selected into the typical application cases of key energy-saving technologies (2019) of the national energy conservation center directly under the national development and Reform Commission and the promotion catalogue of energy-saving and emission reduction technologies and achievements in Guangzhou in 2020.

Intelligent MCC control cabinet

Intelligent MCC cabinet is designed and developed for large and small system fans, including fan power frequency, frequency conversion starting circuit and PLC control system. It can realize the functions of overload, phase loss and short circuit protection of fan, alarm of over high shaft temperature and line temperature, local / remote switching, current and voltage measurement, monitoring of electrostatic precipitator, valve interlocking and power supply protection and isolation.

At the same time, the intelligent MCC cabinet can connect with the station equipment environment and equipment monitoring system (BAS), and realize data transmission and equipment monitoring through a variety of interface modes.

Chiller plant control system

Chiller plant control system can realize the automatic, intelligent and safe management of units, pumps, cooling towers, valves and other ancillary equipment in the refrigeration station, and provide the most comfortable, convenient and efficient environment for the staff.

The cold-source energy saving control system

The cold-source energy saving control system is a comprehensive system which realizes the unification, coordination and automatic operation of the equipment in the machine room and saves the energy consumption of the system to the maximum by means of automation, intelligence and integration.

Intelligent environment control system

System architecture: loop network structure, modular design, highly integrated wind, water and electricity, simplify the interface design.

Typical case - Construction of high efficiency machine room of Guangzhou Metro

Create the lowest cost of central air conditioning system in the whole life cycle

Accumulation of cold source room in Xintang station of Guangzhou Metro COP6.06
From April 1, 2018 to present: cumulative cooling:
1377.4萬 kWhCumulative power consumption: 2272MWhaMore than 50% energy saving compared with adjacent stations

Annual electricity saving of the whole line: 16 million yuan1025 tons of CO2 emission reduction411 tons of standard coal saved