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Pharmaceutical workshops and workshops have special requirements for environmental temperature, humidity, cleanliness, especially pressure gradient. Fca-p series products are independently developed for pharmaceutical air conditioning control system.

FCA-P Automatic control system of temperature and humidity in pharmaceutical factory

Generally, the workshop area of a pharmaceutical factory is small. One air conditioning unit (AHU) supplies cold and heat to more than ten workshops at the same time, and the constant temperature and humidity of the workshop and the pressure gradient between the workshops need to be ensured. The more than ten workshops form an independent system.

Therefore, the FCA-P series control system of Fujia has compiled several programs for one AHU according to the characteristics of the pharmaceutical factory, so as to meet the needs of each production period in the workshop. At the same time, in view of the characteristics of high requirements for air cleanliness and pressure gradient between different levels of dust-free rooms in the production workshop of pharmaceutical factory, combined with many years of control experience and a variety of control modules into the program, so as to ensure the stability and reliability of the control system.

GMP certification

Good Manufactuing Practice ("GMP"),The Chinese meaning is "drug production quality management standard", which is a compulsory standard for drug production enterprises. As an important equipment related to pharmaceutical production environment, GMP also makes detailed specifications and requirements for air conditioning system. After years of accumulated industry experience, our products are designed and produced in full accordance with GMP certification process, and can cooperate with users to provide professional and perfect certification information.


The standard of general pharmaceutical factory for clean area is: clean level 300000, temperature 18-26 ℃, relative humidity 45-65%.

FCA-P series control system developed by Fuca, according to the operation characteristics of HVAC system in pharmaceutical factory, selects industrial PLC as the core controller, and uses industrial computer as upper computer to communicate with PLC, so as to realize the configuration and monitoring of the whole control system.

Application case - Xinguan vaccine workshop of Changchun Institute of Biology

In mid January 2021, Fujia officially launched the new crown vaccine sub packaging workshop and supporting transformation project of Changchun Institute of biology, providing BMS EMS system and weak current system construction services for the new crown vaccine sub packaging workshop. The project is planned to complete all design, production, testing, installation, commissioning, verification and other work in 43 days.

Application case-QingSai biological vaccine industrialization project

Based on the self-developed intelligent fuzzy control and intelligent genetic control strategy, Fuca clean environment control system improves the control accuracy of environmental temperature and humidity by 40%, and reduces the initial control stability time of indoor gradient pressure difference to 5 minutes. The product meets the requirements of GMP and FDA certification.