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The air conditioning system of clean workshop in electronic factory is mainly composed of Mau, FFU, DCC, indoor temperature, humidity and pressure monitoring points. A perfect automatic control system can not only guarantee the indoor temperature and humidity, but also have an important impact on the cleanliness of the workshop.

FCA-E series temperature and humidity automatic control system for electronic industry

At present, most of the cleanrooms in electronic workshops are between class 1000 (iso6) and class 10000 (iso7). The average air exchange rate is 25-60 times / h, the indoor temperature is 22 ± 2 ℃, and the relative humidity is 55 ± 5%.

There are two common ways of air conditioning in the clean room of electronic factory.

1. MHU + AHU + HEPA, referred to as AHU system

2. Mau + FFU + DC, referred to as FFU system

AHU system is used in most of the built electronic plants, while FFU system is used in most of the new plants.

MHU+AHU+HEPA Control plan

MAU+FFU+DC Control plan

Application case: nano micro international ultra clean environment control system

Temperature ± 0.1 ℃  Humidity ± 2%

Through high precision temperature and humidity control for 10 days, the control precision of clean room reaches ± 0.1 ℃ for temperature and ± 2% for humidity;

Climate adaptive logic, regardless of any change in outdoor climate, fresh air unit, fully intelligent undisturbed switching seasonal mode, maintain supply air temperature and humidity stability.