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Building Field

According to the relevant data statistics, in the building equipment energy consumption, the energy consumption of central air conditioning accounts for more than 60%. Under the background of vigorously promoting "energy saving and emission reduction" and "green building", the energy saving of central air conditioning is particularly important. Based on the operation characteristics of central air-conditioning host, freezing pump, cooling pump, cooling tower, terminal and other equipment, our company independently developed and designed a "central air-conditioning deep energy-saving control system" with independent intellectual property rights. The system is based on fuzzy control theory, with distributed computer control technology, frequency conversion speed regulation technology and system integration technology as means, and the water system of central air-conditioning system is optimized Dynamic detection and real-time closed-loop optimal operation control are implemented to make the energy consumption of central air-conditioning water system change synchronously with the end load, and optimize the operation conditions of the main engine, so as to achieve the purpose of saving energy consumption.

Energy saving principle

The main energy consuming equipment of chiller room is chiller, water pump, cooling water pump and cooling tower. The comprehensive energy consumption of chiller room is accumulated by the energy consumption of each single equipment, but the energy consumption of each single equipment is affected by many factors.

The central air-conditioning deep energy-saving control system adopts the comprehensive optimization algorithm of the chiller room, tracks the performance curve of the chiller, the cold water pump, the cooling water pump and the cooling tower, and combined with the end load demand, adopts the active control for each equipment and the integrated control of the whole equipment room, so as to achieve the goal of the lowest comprehensive energy consumption of the whole chiller room.

In the specific control strategy, first of all, according to the characteristics of each equipment in the chiller room to establish their own energy consumption mathematical model, on this basis to establish the energy balance mathematical model and energy consumption mathematical model of the whole chiller room.

During the operation of the system, the control computer measures the real-time value of the refrigeration load and other parameters (such as temperature, pressure, outdoor conditions, flow, etc.) in a certain time step, and solves the mathematical model of each energy consumption based on it. Through the system self-tuning from a variety of complex and changeable operation combinations, the whole cold and hot water room that can meet the refrigeration load is determined The working state with the lowest total energy consumption (i.e. the highest overall efficiency). On this basis, the control computer determines the set value of each controlled variable, and transmits it to the corresponding lower computer PLC (DDC), and then the lower computer PLC (DDC) controls the operation state of each equipment, so that the whole chiller room runs in the highest efficiency state.

Powerful database background and perfect mathematical model are used to realize the comprehensive and non single equipment system energy saving control.

Application case: Golden Eagle Center

Energy saving transformation of Eagle Center

Unmanned Guards            Automatic optimization              Platform monitoring            Intelligent operation and maintenance
Saving 60% of the labor cost and more than 35% of the energy saving rate Saving electricity charge (calculated by 5 months of operation) 671838 yuan