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Educational architecture

In order to create a good living and education environment, many colleges and universities dormitory, administration building, library use air conditioning system for temperature and humidity control, using fresh air air conditioning system to achieve haze removal and other purification functions. According to the type of experiment, the scientific laboratories in each university have strict indexes on indoor temperature, humidity, cleanliness, etc.

Application case - Peking University

Our company designed the constant temperature and humidity automatic control scheme for the water coil air conditioning unit in the laboratory of life research building of Peking University. In order to reduce the influence of the unit failure and shutdown on the experimental process, the unit has set up a standby fan, which can be switched automatically, prolonging the service life of the unit and improving the stability of the air conditioning system. In addition, the fan and the unit are stopped in the automatic control system The return valve and switching valve are interlocked and automatically switched, which reduces the probability of manual misoperation and ensures the safety of use.