FEC series-Energy Saving Systems of HVAC Control
Based on years of project experience of air conditioning system, combined with the classic control scheme, a set of optimal control algorithm is summarized. By using the self-developed database system, the equipment can run in the high energy efficiency ratio area, and the comprehensive and efficient energy-saving control of the refrigeration station system in the machine room can be realized.
System Features

Intelligent system integration Active optimization control technology 3D vision and interactive interface Tracking the energy efficiency curve of each device Optimizing the operating conditions of the main engine Improve the overall energy efficiency ratio of the system

working principle
Taking the highest operating efficiency (or the lowest operating energy consumption) of the entire chiller room as the control goal, based on the basic characteristics of the equipment in the chiller room, and based on the real-time cooling load as the control basis, the equipment in the chiller room is controlled according to the established control strategy. Coordinated control. Combined with the optimized control algorithm software, it tracks the efficiency curve of each equipment, and actively optimizes and controls the entire chiller room equipment to minimize the energy consumption of the equipment room.

Software introduction
System topology

It is suitable for air conditioning rooms in operating rooms, electronic factories, pharmaceutical subways, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings and factories.