FCA series -Cleaning Systems of HVAC Control

FCA-Cleaning Systems of HVAC Control used in the electronic workshop, pharmaceutical workshop, hospital operating room, precision laboratory, animal experimental room with high requirements for isothermal humidity and cleanliness. Through high-precision sensors and industrial controllers, it can realize the monitoring and automatic control of temperature, humidity, air volume, pressure difference, carbon dioxide concentration and other related parameters. The system is equipped with standard communication interface, which can provide Modbus RTU, PROFIBUS DP, CCLink, dvicenet, BACnet and other communication protocols and data, so as to facilitate access to bas (building automatic control system).

Function description
Constant temperature and humidity control;  Constant air volume control;  Room constant pressure difference control;  Interlock control of exhaust fan and FFU;  Fire fighting and fire damper interlock;  Provide open protocol data
Software operation mode
  • Control mode selection: local, remote, communication
  • Working mode selection: working, on duty, disinfection, detoxification
  • Configure the disable / enable function of incoming call auto start
  • Configure the disable / enable function of timing switch
  • Independently adjustable cooling, heating and humidifying valve opening (and maximum output opening limit) for comfort and economy mode
  • In debugging mode, the forced draft fan and air valve can be opened manually


It is suitable for operating room, electronic workshop, pharmaceutical workshop, purification workshop, precision instrument room, etc.