FIS series -information Management Systems of HVAC Control
To meet the needs of modern factory for information management, we provide users with a variety of overall solutions to achieve centralized control of various equipment, and realize a variety of management functions, such as unattended, early warning prompt, data analysis, energy consumption management, remote access, etc. The system can provide a variety of standard communication interfaces, such as modbus, PROFIBUS, ControlNet, CC-Link, LonWorks, BACnet, etc., which are compatible with various mainstream devices and facilitate the system to be incorporated into bas monitoring.
Eight functions
Central air conditioning and auxiliary equipment monitoring;  Multiple working mode settings;  Data collection and analysis;  Alarm history;  Energy consumption data recording and analysis;  Wired and wireless network access;  SMS and telephones notification;  Others such as ladder control, lighting, video, fire and other seamless docking

It is suitable for various air-conditioning applications such as subways, shopping malls, office buildings, factories, etc.